Read remarks from the Memorial Celebration.

From Walter Sive.

From Rebecca Sive.

From John Adams.

From William Paxton.

From David Paget.

From Mark Chertok.

3 thoughts on “Remarks

  1. David Sive was a boyhood friend, with a friendship that lasted throughout our lives. From the days of playing ball in the street with his dad, through the many games of Chinese handball, in which David was always the arbitrator of arguments about whether the ball was in or on the line, or out, through the hikes we took together in the Adirondack and Catskill mountains, he was a great companion. Both of us veterans of WWII renewed our friendship after I read an article in the New York Times that told about a lawsuit that David won. He knew my beloved Edie, before and after we married, knew my aunt Manya and uncle Sascha in Elizabethtown, New York, and was kind enough to send me a copy of a letter he sent them thanking them for their hospitality.

    During the years that David taught environmental law during summers at the University of Colorado,in Boulder. he generously invited my wife Edie and me to the picnics up in the foothills

    The pictures I am attaching were taken when we were 17 and took the 123 mile hike from Gloversville to Keene with Lenny Zinker.

    David was one of the most ethical and moral people I ever knew. He had the courage of his convictions. I miss the discussions we had, and I miss his friendship. He was a fine man and a good friend


    • Dear Stanley,
      We’d love to post them! If you send them to my email address, I can have them up soon. (


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